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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Am I a Bad Mom?

Will has always been a fan of dogs but when Will met Nacho it was love at first sight. Nacho belongs to Will's swimming teacher and I think the only reason he doesn't complain about lessons every day is because he gets to see Nacho. Am I a bad mom for not getting him a dog? You decide. (Sorry the pics are low quality. They were taken on my phone.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Embassy Suites

We decided to spend the last weekend before Ed started working in Disney World. I spent hours online looking for a good hotel deal and we finally settled on Embassy Suites. It was not the cheapest hotel (you don't want to stay in the cheapest Orlando hotel...scary!) but both Ed and I have good memories of staying in Embassy Suites when we were kids. We love the atrium with the waterfalls and live trees, the managers reception with snacks and kiddie cocktails, but most of all we love the hot breakfast in the mornings! The boys really liked staying in the hotel. Jack asked if it was his new house. It made me realize how many places we have stayed over the last 6 months and how confusing it has been for Jack. The boys love the fresh hot breakfast in the morning too. They ate as many scrambled eggs and pastries as they wanted. We got our money's worth.
We asked Jack which park he wanted to go to an he chose EPCOT. He really likes riding in the "big ball" and now calls it by it's proper name "Spaceship Earth". He also really likes "Living with the Land", a boat ride through EPCOT's green houses, or as he calls it "the vegetable ride". It was a really hot day so we found a nice air conditioned hallway to eat lunch in. Lucky for us it was connected to an ice cream shop. Jack was very pleased with our fresh baked cookie ice cream sandwich.  
One reason I can return to Disney World time after time is I am always finding something new. This time we stumbled upon a Dinosaur Dig Site (giant sandbox) in the Animal Kingdom. We found it in a play area we have visited several times but never crossed the bridge leading to it. The entire area was shaded and had giant fans and misters hanging overhead. Because it was so secluded not many people had found it so it was quiet. It is now my favorite spot to cool down and relax.

I hope to bring you more new and exciting finds from Disney World very soon!