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Sunday, September 4, 2011


This huge banana spider decided to make our front porch his home. I first noticed him when I almost ran into his web! It was a close call. The lawn care guy assured me he is harmless and said I should get my broom and just move him somewhere else. That was even too close for me. What if he crawled down the broom handle onto my hand? AHHHHH! The lawn care guy relocated him to my parents yard next door :)

4th of July

Ok, so I know it's Labor day but I thought I should finally get around to posting some 4th of July photos. We went with some friends to a little town just south of us called Micanopy. It is a no stoplight town that reminds me of the town from Fried Green Tomatoes.

Here are the boys sitting on the curb with their friends watching the parade go by.


Here is a Florida cowboy! He had a whip that he would crack that was REALLY loud. 

Our Little Benny

Benny is becoming very active. He is no longer content to sit and watch. He must be moving at all times. He can now pull himself up on furniture and stand up in bed. Here are some random snapshots of Benny just being Benny. They are not very high quality but they show his personality.  

Naughty Benny! He is obsessed with shoes. He likes to eat them. I try to keep them all picked up but it seems like every time I turn around he's sucking on another one! In this picture he has knocked over the stand we put keys on. 

 Benny likes to run around in his diaper. Ok - I like to let Benny run around in his diaper because it means less laundry.

Benny and Will don't usually get along so when they weren't fighting I snapped a picture.

Ben loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Jack.

Benny also likes to stick everything he finds on the floor in his mouth. Sometimes I put him in baby prison so I don't have to watch him so closely. That way I can actually get some work done.

First Day of School

Just like Nemo, Jack was super excited to start school on August 22nd. He goes to 4 year old Kindergarten at Abacus Learning Center. There are 6 other kids from our church in his class of 18 so he was surrounded by friends on his first day. Since then, he has come home to tell me all about the other kids in his class that he has made friends with. Even if he doesn't learn anything about reading, writing or arithmetic, having him learn how to socialize and relate to others (and having three hours a day with only two kids to take care of) is totally worth sending him to school everyday. 

 Come on Mom. Let's go!
I found my cubby.
His teacher, Ms. Susan.
His other teacher, Ms. Melissa.