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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon

This past summer I set a goal to run a half marathon in Disney World. I signed up for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon and paid the entrance fee to solidify my commitment. After training for months the day finally came to run my big race. My mom and my sister joined in the fun! This is us waiting at our starting corral.

Here is a course map. It was so fun to run through the parks and in some of the backstage areas. The cast members were great and did a wonderful job cheering us on.


The race started at Disney's Wide World of Sports at 10:00pm. The whole race was one big party! Before we lined up at the start line there was a photo spot with Mickey and Minnie and big dance party to pump everyone up. 


The race started with fireworks. The music from the dance party kept playing throughout most of the course so there was no need to wear headphones. People would dance and sing together as we ran along. Around mile 3 and 7 there was a live band playing for everyone. You could hear them for a long ways in both directions. There was plenty of characters to take your photo with along the way. The race ended in EPCOT parking lot. That's when the party really began. The after party was held at EPCOT, which was only open to the runners and their family member who had purchased tickets. They had all the good rides open and had plenty of character meet and greets. They also had all of the food and wine festival booths open for us to eat at.

Click HERE to see more of our character photos.

All race finishers received a really nice medal. I am so proud of it!

This race was such a blast that I have signed up for Disney's Half Marathon in January. If you are looking to set a half marathon goal I highly recommend the Disney race series. It was so much fun you don't even notice how hard you are working!

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